Vintage craft

Rock concert, right in your back yard! I couldn't decide if I should put this under "yard" or "kids stuff" because this would be a fun craft to do with them ;

Barbie's purse.  I remember having these!

Stuff Barbies Closet with 34 accessories, crown, tiara, dimpled gold foil evening bags, Destash

I had this Barbie's purse. I think it came with the pink satin evening dress that had a train. And found a photo!

Gold Rocks Candy Bubble Gum - have not thought of this in years!

I remember Gold Rocks Candy Bubble Gum. My daddy used to buy them for me every time we went to Cracker Barrel.

Monkey Bars- where you really learned to hold on. If you fell, you hit ten steel bars before you landed on the concrete below.

In the playground and school yard. monkey bars: Where you really learned to hold on. We called this the Jungle Gym.the monkey bars were the straight ones in a row where you had to traverse from one side to the other with your hands.

Holly Hobbie . . .my friend, Kelley, loved Holly Hobbie. Think of her every time I see anything HH... In an antique store now, of course!

I remember Holly Hobbie from my childhood. I may have had a HH lunch box but I definitely had a Holly Hobby comforter, sheets, curtains and a Canopy bed with her print all over it.

I wish I had this game still.

Ker Plunk Game by Ideal - I had this.

Glass animals

Lucite Animal figurines - I had a TON! Got them every time we went to Harry T's

Crystal Tipps and Alistair

crystal tips alistair cartoon - I seriously wanted her hair.

Old Jamaica Cadbury chocolate bar launched in 1970.

Old Jamaica chocolate bars launched in Dads favourite when I was a child, much better than the copies nowadays!

ENORMOUS TURNIP Vintage Ladybird Book Well Loved Tales Series 606D Matt Hardback 1975

ENORMOUS TURNIP Vintage Ladybird Book Well Loved Tales Series 606D First Edition Matte 1970

Another beautifully crafted story from the Well-loved tales series.


A Christmas favourite


caramac, they used to sell these in an Easter Egg version, I haven't seen them…

the spider plant

the spider plan

Devon Violet Perfume

Devon Violet Perfume, hmmm loved this then!

THE WISE ROBIN a Vintage Ladybird Book Animal Stories Series 497

The Wise Robin - Ladybird book