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Linlithgow Palace . Scotland A royal manor existed on the site in the 12th century.[1] This was replaced by a fortification known as 'the Peel', built in the 14th century by English forces under Edward I. The site of the manor made it an ideal military base for securing the supply routes between Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle. The English fort was begun in March 1302 under the supervision of two priests, Richard de Wynepol and Henry de Graundeston.


While Culzean Castle is celebrated as one of Scotland's architectural gems, even featuring on a Scottish £5 note, Robert Adam's other Ayrshire masterpiece is relatively unknown. Dalquharran Castle was also built as a castle style mansion, commissioned by Thomas Kennedy of Dunure who was married to the niece of Robert Adam. Work began in 1785 and incorporated some similar features to nearby Culzean which Adam was still working on at the time. - See more at…


Jarlshof - The Most Amazing Historical Site I've Ever Seen

Jarlshof is the best known prehistoric archeological site in Shetland, Scotland. Stay there with check out our affordable B&B's.