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stone inspired fabric For example when I heated Tyvek, I had no idea quite how it would shrink and it's difficult to control how holey it would become. I just painted both sides to see which would turn out best. I couldn't recreate those grey pebbles, I also liked using unusual and recycled materials like the hems of old clothes, fruit nets and tumble dryer sheets. Even tiny snippets of fabric can be used somehow, like these below that I trapped under organza and fused by burning.

Lizzy's Learning Blog: June 2013

Kim's Hot Textiles: West Dean - Layered Textiles - Hot techniques for jewelled surfaces part 3

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The surface has then been flooded with black writing ink. Tyvek paper coloured with acrylic paint has been machine stitched in a random circular pattern to a white cotton velvet background. Xpandaprint has been applied then zapped allowing the paste to expand and the Tyvek to melt back. Lynda Monk's website

Purple Missus - About me

Fantastic site for burning techniques on all sorts of non-traditional materials. This is acrylic painted tyvek after an encounter with a heat gun.

...And Then We Set It On Fire: October 2011