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Jasmine Marson

Jasmine Marson
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Motherfish and it's babies

A fabulous parent, the Discus fish, carrying fry. The fry eat the slime coat off the parent. Discus are amazing parents taking turns and flashing from dark to lit when they want a break. The other parent goes dark and takes over.


PIXNOR Artificial Plastic Fish Ornament for Fish Tank Aquarium (Random Color). Description This item is a pack of artificial fishes, which is made of durable and healthy plastic. It is used to create a beautiful aquarium with the


The reef dwelling clownfish lives in a near perfect symbiotic makes its home within sea anemone. Covered in a thin, mucus-like membrane which protects the clownfish it is able to hide from larger predators within the stinging tentacles of the sea anemone.


Turtles are one of the coupple of animals that have survived since the dinosours ages. Turtles are in big danger now because they have predators and also some humans likes to eat their eggs. Life is hard for turtles all the time. I LOVE SEA TURTLES