Cathedral and Shambles Square, Manchester, England (by Bus Stop on Flickr)

Manchester Cathedral and Shambles Square viewed from Manchester's observation wheel. My Grandad proposed to my Gran Dorothy at the pub in the bottom left corner.

Colorful Manchester

Not Brooklyn - Manchester, England A unique piece of street art found in Manchester next to the arndale shopping centre - Tap the link to shop on our official online store! You can also join our affiliate and/or rewards programs for FREE!

Manchester Hilton from Castlefield, England (by Ardent Photography on Flickr)

The Hilton Hotel from Castlefield Bridge, Manchester City Centre. Photograph by Ardent Photography.

Loved this pub!! Manchester, England, UK

Loved this pub! Manchester, England, UK Saved for you by Venus Flowers,Manchester, your florist in Manchester.

Manchester bee represents Manchester being the rebirth of the industrial revolution, it is also a known logo for Manchester's longest running Skate shop, Note.

"Busy bees" The bee is an icon adopted by Manchester to symbolise the working-class "worker bees" who helped the city become great.

Reflection, Rochdale Canal, Manchester, England

Foggy Night, New Orleans, Louisiana photo via kajara (Blue Pueblo)