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smart textiles glow in the dark, but click their link below to view a really…

This year's emotional icon to remember is Phillips' Bubelle, the emotional sensing prototype dress. Bubelle has landed on Time's Best Inventions Of The Year list. The color changing dress is one of two Philips' SKIN Probes

Techno Textiles For Your Enterprise-Dwelling Days, Rave-Going Nights

Pretty Rave Girl(s) Online Welcome to Pretty Rave Girl. This is for anyone who loves raves, techno music, light shows, and anything neon! If you go to a "rave" soon or just have any cool pics of.

Coyote Negro

Light passes through anything thing. Earrie is a light traveler and he tell me that the Ward is across the worlds

Rompiendo el mito: Capitán América.

The domestication of light beings being used as industial slaves with the illusion of freedom, Battery powered drones, plugged in like mobile phones, getting high on digital {{{Pheromones}}}

I take a step back, feeling the need to get away from her. Her eyes were locked…

"We harness from the hottest and brightest stars in the night sky" Jalen said."The blue ones.