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Kali Ma - Kali Ma, called the "Dark Mother," is the Hindu goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction. Also known as the Black Goddess. She is frightening to those who fear death but is loving and patient with those who are not afraid. Kali Yantra, Kali Ma, Kali Goddess, Black Goddess, Tantra, Indian Gods, Indian Art, Flor Oriental Tattoo, Kali Tattoo

Autumn Equinox and Burning Away the Old Self

I feel like I should warn you.There is a fierce feminine fire building. It is dark mother, creator and destroyer -- burner of all that must go so that life can give birth to life. She is the wolf-woman coming, hard and strong and asking you for more than you want to give, but only because she loves you.She knows that your greatest self can only rise from the ashes of the lesser you.Understanding destruction as an exquisite and essential element of life, this is not the tender feminine, this…

Who was Kali Ma goddess. The dark mother, the destroyer in hindu Mythology. Encyclopedia article about Kali Ma. Kali Ma, Raja Ravi Varma, Mother Kali, Divine Mother, Kali Hindu, Hindu Art, Indian Gods, Indian Art, Indian Teen

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LAKSHMI TANTRA: Lakshmi does not enjoy a solid place in Tantra as opposed to the Mahavidya Goddesses. Lakshmi is often approached as a form of Kamala, one of the Dasa Mahavidyas and the most...

KALI Hindu goddess of time, change and death, a warrior and a demon slayer who also has the aspect of goddess mother, Shiva’s shakti. Durga Kali, Kali Hindu, Kali Mata, Hindu Art, Kali Goddess, Mother Goddess, Chakras, Goddess Of Destruction, Avatar

Kali Ma. Kali is the Hindu Goddess who removes (overcomes) the ego.