Jayaa S

Jayaa S

People on my friends list already know a lot about me, for all those who dont.... Well well what do i say i am just a sweet,cute,innocent,adorable darling girl
Jayaa S
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Robin Sharma shares that to believe in yourself when no one believes in you is to start your rise to genius.

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Someone like that will come into my life. i deserve to be talked to and treated with respect. I deserve a faithful, caring, loyal and true loving man.

I want to a boy nervous, go to his friends and ask them for advice what he should text me back #love #crush

I have high standards because country music taught me how a lady should be treated<<<. country music in my opinion is no where near accurate to how a girl should be treated the music is good but the lyrics for most are crappy.

what some people are probally thinking after this awww or my relationship is gonna end what im kinda thinking right now eww hurl spit vomit bleehh

This mean i have been in love 2 times and i am only in my teens wow am i in trouble. At least the person who falls in love with me will know that i am loyal. Not me but, I have a week or two till I find out if i'm in love, with my crush.

almost every day, massive crush on a guy who (thankfully) knows I exist but im pretty sure he does NOT like me back the same way

Why is this a "Teenager Post"? Seriously, I'm a Teenager and I can't relate to this situation. I guess no one can, because I doubt you'd be alive after this kind of phone call. What is this Post?