Elegance in Andheri West

Jaycee Homes, the pioneers of real estate in Andheri west, with a record of many completed projects, have a reputation for delivering homes par excellence. Jaycee Homes combines value, style, space and location to give the home buyer an elite lifestyle. Elegance, a deemed project stands true for all this. It combines the tasteful richness of design, exclusivity and the advantage of location and brings it out in a format of ONE HOME PER FLOOR.
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#thatamazingfeeling when privacy is to the hilt with only one flat per floor! Elegance by JAYCEE HOMES @ Andheri West, for more details visit: - http://www.jayceehomes.com/project/property-andheri-mumbai-elegance/

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Experience the luxury of living at ELEGANCE in a format of ONE APARTMENT PER FLOOR in #Andheri West.

Experience an elite lifestyle with Jaycee Homes #Elegance that provides value, style, luxury and space, located at #Andheri #West, starting at just 2.7 crores*

Take a sip of tea and enjoy this beautiful view from Elegance! It is bound to make your day.

Extravagant bathroom with a big tub and a shower. Elegance provides you a great place to relax!

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a living room like #Elegance in #Andheri?

Experience the quality of being graceful and stylish only at the super-luxurious, high-rise Elegance by Jaycee Homes, that delivers Manhattan style apartments in Andheri West. #JayceeLifestyle

Welcome home to luxurious and high-rise apartments, only at Elegance in Andheri West.

Book the amazing apartment now and feel the #luxury like never before! Elegance in #Andheri​ West offers personalized elevators and one apartment per floor starting from Rs. 2.5 Cr* only. Grab this opportunity and gift yourself an extravagant living space.

Redefine comfortable living with Elegance by Jaycee Homes, which offers a complete space & incorporates ultra –living through its personalized elevators for each apartment.

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