Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

Easy Dinosaur Fossils to Make with Kids

Fun Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils to make with preschoolers and kinder aged children - paint them to make them even more realistic.

reggio loose parts play outdoors

Reggio loose parts play outdoors: a simple invitation to play with mirrors, sand and open-ended materials. Loose parts play will support children with positioning or connecting schemas.

let the children play: loose parts play

SImple Sandbox Ideas: Easy, inexpensive toys, play ideas and storage ideas for your backyard sandbox. PS: Not sure about the term "Hooligans" Doesn't it have negative connotations?

let the children play: theory of loose parts

On your preschool and early childhood playground, or even in your back yard, it's important to supply items that are open ended - let the children play: theory of loose parts

loose parts play

loose parts play - keen to have some loose parts that the children can create their own structures from

Natural loose parts - Only About Children ≈≈

Only About Children on

How children Learn: Children learn through hands on use of their natural environment. Providing natural materials in a classrooms benefits the children in many ways!

Outdoor loose parts for creativity - Only About Children ≈≈

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Nature Play - Risk and Reward. Don't just focus on risk assessment think about risk-benefit assessment.

Jumping in leaf piles. If I close my eyes and think, I can still smell the smell of the wet, decaying leaves. God, I just loved jumping in leaves or hiding in a leaf pile and scaring my friends. Do kids even do that anymore?