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a drawing of flowers in a vase on top of a hill with birds flying around
After months of thoughtful attention, deliberation and creation, and due to inquiries, i've decided to wholesale my prints. The page is live on the website now and i am thrilled to offer my work as healing tales and meditations for all those who come in contact with my art. Love and blessings into the world with gratitude and appreciation for all your support. 🌊
an open notebook sitting on top of a wooden table next to scissors and pencils
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What is one of the best ways to cure your desire for more travel after a long trip? Document all of your adventures in a travel journal to relive them until your next one! #WanderlustWednesday
an open book sitting on top of a bed next to a white sweater and flowers
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an open notebook sitting on top of a bed next to a laptop computer and keyboard
starstuddedstuff .
a piece of paper that has some trees on it
several different colored houses are displayed on white paper
Polly Fern: Photo
Polly Fern
a notebook with an image of a whale on it and some rocks around the cover
a black and white drawing of a street scene with a red marker next to it
Anna Lubinski - Croquis du jour: vue sur la rue. Sketch of the day: street view. urbansketchers sketchbook sketch diary drawing art artist painting linedrawing black sketchoftheday dailysketch stationery moleskine pentel paris parisian street architecture urban
an image of a painting on the app
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Stacy Egan - Workshop 3, Watercolor Sketching & Journaling
some drawings are shown on a piece of paper that has been altered to look like it is going down the street
Ron Stocke