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Amplifier project

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Building an stereo amplifier for the living room

Sleek, prototype vacuum tube amplifier designed by Koichi Futatsumata of Case-Real, for high-end audio equipment manufacturer Elekit. I might copy the volume knob and inset lid mounting style.

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T1 amplifier board: employs the STA510A chip to deliver 100W+100W into my 6ohm load

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Joey Roth designed bluetooth receiver. The wood is an interesting idea for the lid on the amplifier case.

The 6061 aluminum alloy block that I will CNC mill to form the amplifier case. It weighs 17lbs right now but it will weigh less than 6lbs when finished. The rest will be recycled.

Another view of this Elekit amp.

Another rendering of the case. I will soon be machining it out of a single block of aluminum.

Rendering from a front angle showing the amplifier case and the various components inside of it. There are some interference issues with the volume control that need to be worked out and I'll be adding some aesthetic touches to the exterior.

Connexelectronic SMPS330R power supply: powers the T1 board by providing 300W (400W peak) of 38V DC