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Assam Tea Gardens in India

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Second Flush or Spring Flush is commonly plucked between May and June as is also very highly regarded as an exceptional tea with prominent character and delicious flavour. It is famed for its fuller and more rounded taste and the bright liquor that appears when it is infused. Whilst this is still a delicate, light tea, the muscatel flavour is certainly more pronounced, offering the distinctive mid to late spring character of this tea.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature, lies the tea gardens of #Assam, serving its world famous tea to millions of people all over the world. #TeaProduction in Assam is said to have started about 165 years ago on either sides of the Brahmaputra River, giving the tea a bold malty, full bodied flavor.

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#TowkokEstate is located in #Assam, a state of India in the North Eastern Region. Along the banks of the Towkak river lies the fertile land of the Towkok Tea Estate. In Tai language Towkok means the "Dancing tortoise". The topography of the land also looks like a tortoise's shell, which is generally plain spotted with mild hills. The liquor of the tea from this region is #smooth and #strong and famous for its #moultycup.

#NahorhabiTeaGarden situated in the Shivsagar District. Though in #Assam, it is also very close to the state of Nagaland. One side of the Tea garden is covered by dense forest.This estate has 1514 permanent workers employed and others casual workers are employed in the harvesting season. No #ChildLabor has been employed on the estate.