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Created from the misty vales of Darjeeling, this second flush, with its rich hues and a golden rust colour is all set to enrich your palates in ornate overtones.

Do you need more reasons ? :)

8 Reasons to Drink Green Tea (1)Fights Cancer (2)Protects against Heart Disease (3)Lowers Cholesterol (4)Prevents Diabetes (5)Gives Healthy Skin (6)Full of antioxidants (7)Antiviral Agent (8)Prevents bad breath Know more please click this link

Cash on Delivery in India

This Darjeeling Puttabong First Flush, with its flowery character and rich complex flavour is a perfect accompaniment to a sultry evening conversation.

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Straight from the dewy lush green valleys of Risheehat, our Darjeeling first flush is carefully selected and crafted to perfection under experienced hands for that faultless blend of aroma and hues to tantalize and satiate your senses.