Travel Insurance

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What Are The Common Exclusions On A Travel Insurance Policy?
Travel insurance has become one of the vital aspects of the insurance industry. Not only does it proffer reasonable products covering all the travel perils but it also provides for the medical situations that are met during trips.
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What Are The Various Types of Car Insurance in Kenya?
When the costs of buying a car are considered, people usually consider the cost of purchase and maintenance. While these are very important factors in buying a car, there is also the aspect of intangible costs. These costs can not be figuratively determined. They are the hidden costs, costs that come with accidents or mishaps, or negligence while driving.
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What is Travel Insurance and How does it work?
When the insurance sector is prevailing in all prospects of healthcare, life insurance, car insurance, and insured many, then why not your travelling can be insured. It might happen that you have never come across the word travel insurance, but you will soon get to know the distinct facets and benefits of such insurance.