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And finally, the struggles of this very obvious Slytherin:

And finally, the struggles of this very obvious Slytherin/// lol i’m a hufflepuff and my friend hadn’t taken the quiz ever and i was like if you’re not a slytherin then i’m a fucking walnut and she got slytherin and it was the happiest moment of my life

This spiral into fandom insanity:

18 years since the first book was released, and almost 14 years since the first film hit screens, the enormous world-wide phenomenon that is Harry Potter still shows n.

Merida, Brave. Rebelle (Film (2012)) Première sortie : 18 juin 2012 (Hollywood) Réalisateurs : Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman

I loved Brave soo much. I want to live in Ireland, I love the mountains and the bright green grass and all the misty foggy mornings. It would just be so nice, getting away from hectic cities and getting to bask in the peaceful quiet beauty of nature.