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Blackadder Goes Forth – 13 Of The Best Quotes! British Sitcoms, British Comedy, English Comedy, Comedy Series, Comedy Tv, Tv Series, Blackadder Quotes, Funny Memes, Hilarious

O Sweet Spontaneous!

Not gonna lie; I suck sometimes. My name is Heather & I get drunk & pee in bushes far too often.Aside from that, I love plants, biology, poetry, art, riot grrrl, puns, all creatures, being an herbivore, & all human...

 Just an FYI-the guy in the powdered wig is Hugh Laurie aka Gregory House. British Humor, British Comedy, Comedy Quotes, Tv Show Quotes, Comedy Series, Comedy Tv, Blackadder Quotes, Jeeves And Wooster, Hugh Laurie

Fuck Yeah Black Adder!

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Nursie is a sad, insane old woman with an udder fixation. This Blackadder Quote is taken from the last episode of the series 'Chains'. British Comedy Series, British Sitcoms, Blackadder Quotes, Only Fools And Horses, One Liner, Spanish Inquisition, Funny Moments, Old Women, Make You Smile

A Blackadder Quote To Start Your Day With A Smile!

Here's a Blackadder quote to start your day with a smile! Can you name the episode? Leave a comment below, or visit our Facebook page.

British *humour* - it's worth acquiring this taste. LOVED Hugh Laurie in series Blackadder! Blackadder Quotes, British Comedy, British Humour, British Actors, British Boys, British Things, Hugh Laurie, Monty Python, Comedy Tv

British Stereotypes...REVEALED!

Ok so here's the thing... Yes I am British and yes I live in Canada so I figured I'd have to finally clear a few things up for my Canadian/American friends. The following stereotypes will either be confirmed or denied based on my own life and according to my own wit and judgement: 1) Because I am from the Manchester area I know your grandma, your cousin, or even your friend you met over the internet... FALSE As rockin' as I'm sure your grandma is chances are I've never met her considering…