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“I accept Time absolutely. It alone is without flaw, It alone rounds and completes all, That mystic baffling wonder.” ― Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

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One of the most striking images I've ever seen: Terri Gurrola is reunited with her daughter after serving in Iraq for 7 months.

From Past To Present And Vice Versa :45+ Powerful Photos - Seriously, For Real?

Somehow, we managed to have a past and a future together without ever figuring out the present.

Vol. 1 Ch. 2 P. 32

20 Stunning Pictures of Nature that will blow your mind

We all agree, past events can affect the present. And present events can affect the future. But few would credibly argue that future events can affect the past. That might all change soon. Welcome to the world of quantum physics.

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