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Special Application Vans in India

When it comes to special application vehicle, there is only one solution: the solution that suits you. Over the decades, we have been involved in designing and manufacturing of automotive application and this is where JCBL truly excels.
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Not only Film stars, even politicians own #HiTechBuses. Read here to know about the top-class personal vehicles used by #ChiefMinisters.

Every problem in world can be solved with design, JCBL breathes the philosophy! Turns buses into fully automated #ATMOnWheels. For more details

Political leaders gear up for the ‪#‎election2016‬ and their campaign ‪#‎vehicles‬ are also getting ready for the grind. Checkout the most #advanced and #hitech election ‪#‎campaign‬ van by #JCBL.

Display van- A special application #van fabricated by #JCBL, which is a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics, #functionality and #technology.