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a plant with green leaves and the words jungle boogie phlodendron care tips
Jungle Boogie Philodendron Care Tips and Tricks - Paisley Plants
With a fun name and a great look, why don't you go get yourself a Jungle Boogie and come along as we explore all the care tips and tricks for growing this awesome houseplant!
a hand holding a potted plant with white and green leaves
Philodendron José Buono
PHILODENDRON JOSÉ BUONO variegated in 3.5 inch pot
a potted plant sitting on top of a brick walkway next to a stone wall
Keep Your Calathea Alive-3 Secrets to No Brown/Crispy Edges
Calathea lancifolia
a person holding a green plant with water droplets on it
hoya Mitrata with splash rooted bottom cut. Exact plant fast shipping. Rare hoya
this is the exact cutting you will receive. Shipping from Virginia! Open the package as soon as it arrives and bring the plant indoors. If you notice any issue, contact me within 12 hours of delivery and I'm happy to look into the issue and help. I pack my plants very carefully but keep in mind that slight damage during shipping and change in environment could cause yellowing/browning on leaves, bent leaves, and some aerial roots may dry out or rot. However, plants will bounce back and recover
LOW LIGHT PLANTS - Platycerium Elephantotis - 6 Indoor Ferns, Staghorn Fern, Sphagnum Moss, Low Light Plants, Elephant Ears, Low Lights, Fern, Soil
Platycerium elephantotis - 6 - BR4D
Aka Angola Staghorn Fern, Elephant Ear fern. Fronds can reach over 2 feet tall as wide and does not fork. Light; bright indirect Soil: mount for best growth (sphagnum moss on wood) Water: keep consistently moist with high humidity Fertilizer: liquid weekly Available as assorted in 6" nursery pot
some very pretty plants in a big planter by the side of a building with lots of leaves on it
Anthurium Faustomirandae