Lynn Skordal uses a variety of media, including collage on paper and occasionally embroidery to create arresting pieces of contemporary art.

Matthew Cox

Embroidered Art

Matthew Cox's remarkable x-ray and embroidery work surreal frida kahlo style textile art and xray photo, contemporary mixed media collage art

'le corps humain' - anatomical embroideries by Cecile Dachary

Above via moshita: Cecile Dachary In love with this embroidered anatomy? Take a tour through some other examples of “string theory&

Quilled Anatomy Art by Sarah Yakawonis

Quilled Anatomy Art by Sarah Yakawonis

Quilled Human Heart poster Doctor Decor Print by YakawonisQuilling

Lisa nillsson escultura (3)

Anatomical Cross-Sections Made with Quilled Paper For her Tissue Series, artist Lisa Nilsson constructs anatomical cross sections of the human body using rolled pieces of Japanese mulberry paper, a technique known as quilling or paper filigree.