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Negative emotions can be described as any feeling which causes you to be miserable and sad. These emotions make you dislike yourself and others, and take away your confidence. Negative emotions can dampen your enthusiasm for life, depending on how long you let them affect you. It stops you from thinking and behaving rationally and seeing situations in their true perspective. This only prolongs the anger or grief and prevents you from enjoying life. The longer this goes on, the more entren

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Lord Shiva- a modern intrepretation. One thing I like about Hinduism is the idea that the Divine can be attractive and one may use one's natural attraction to draw oneself into its presence.

The most famous incarnations of Shiva are the meditator, the blessing (the karma yogi), the ego sacrificer (subordinated under the goddess Kali/under the will of God) and the dancer with the life (Nataraja).He lives his life with the qualities of earth (associated with Brahma, happiness), fire (associated with Rudra, power), water (associated with Vishnu, love), air (associated with Muni, wisdom) and ether (associated with all that exist, space,transcendence)!

The 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva- “Saurashtre Somanatham cha, Sri Saile Mallikarjuna. Ujjanyinyam Mahakalam, Omkare Malamleshwara. Himalaye to Kedaram, Dakinyam Bhimashankara. Varanasyam cha Vishweshwam, Tryambaka Gautameethate. Paralyam Vaidyanatham cha, Nagesham Darukavane. Sethu bande Ramesham, Grishnesam cha Shivalaya”. Shiva Purana (Śatarudra Saṁhitā, Ch.42/2-4). This is the famous sloka in the Shiva Purana describing the 12 jyotirlingas of Shiva.