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Students Missing School - Part 1 {Talking to the Student's Family}
a sign that says,'my class had perfect attendance today'with an image of a person sitting at a desk
Home of Brag Tags | Custom School Products
a sign on the sidewalk that says thanks for getting your child to school on time
a bulletin board with numbers and percentages on it in an office cubicle that says attendance counts
Rhodes: Auburn schools committed to making Every Student Present
a table that has a sign on it with the names of different items in front of it
Perfect attendance for school.
a bulletin board with some writing on it in front of a building and snow covered ground
Attendance Counts (Elementary Counseling Blog)
Attendance Counts - Elementary Counseling Blog
a bulletin board with stars and percentages for the race to 5 on it's side
Attendance bulletin board. Maybe we could use different houses to track attendance. Houses or grade level.
a bulletin board that has been decorated with information about the weather and its current direction
Not only does this display highlight this school's Attendance goal, it also helps to break down the reasons behind certain peaks or valleys - weeks with higher or lower attendance. The note reads "Blown away by the hurricane," a reference to October 2012's hurricane Sandy that disrupted Boston students and families for several days.
two signs that say stop and don't give back to school for the first time
185 Ideas for Classroom Organization 2014 and Beyond!
Front Door "Reversible" Sign for School: On Time vs. Tardy via RainbowsWithinReach