"This could be such a funny extension of our grass caterpillars! It allows children to be more connected to nature, while also encouraging children to care for themselves and their peers, as they look after and help each other "grow their hair""

Cute kids DIY idea - Childs picture glued onto a clear cup, fill with dirt, plant grass seeds and watch the crazy hair grow! Kids love to give their grass heads a trim when the grass gets long too!

A3 novice gardener's/beginner's vegetable growing gardening calendar

novice gardener& vegetable growing gardening calendar& (folded to ideal small gift for mother& day, father& day, classrooms or schools offering horticultural lessons NOT LAMINATED.

Plastic 2-liter bottles used in vertical garden; Simple and awesome!

14 benefits of vertical gardens

Great for the gardener who wants to save space, vertical gardens serve many purposes.

Data handling - with Autumn leaves!

collecting leaves and graphing them Children will collect leaves on a nature walk. Children will graph leaves based on color.

Inside/outside investigation table

Set up a "Nature Table" to display all the treasures found on nature hikes. great for scientific observations. {The large leaf is from IKEA.} Smith nature walks might be great to fill up your science center

pneus jardinière #recyclage #quartierdesjantes www.quartierdesjantes.com

Line/Fill tyres to keep spiders at bay & insulate against heat. 'Plant' pot/s inside, so double-walled & mulch tops to co-ordinate!

Plant cycle foldable

Interactive notebook ideas for science notebooks. Interactive notebooks go deeper than regular notes. Hands on note taking.

More ideas
What a great way to get children using the language of attributes ... long, prickly, bumpy, smooth, etc.

Teach with Trash: Tissue Box Science

Teach with Trash: Tissue Box Science It would be a good idea to use these as mystery boxes. Place six items in boxes and have them guess what the objects are or what they may all have in common. Could be used to introduce a new unit or book.

Beans and flower pots counting activity

Beans and Flower Pots Counting Activity

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Autumn Investigation Area, another nice idea, could adapt this with feely bags on the display.

#LifeCycles This is a great way to allow students to visually see all the parts of a plant and its growth in soil.

20 Kids' Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

using old cd cases to grow beans. Then can use a sharpie or dry erase marker to label parts of the plant for older kids. Such a cool take on the old lima beans in a baggie trick.