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#STEIGENS give social event of top brand #Leather Hotel and Desktop Set things with significantly less expensive cost in Dubai. Featuring leather menu folder, leather tissue box, leather desktop set, our #CorporateGifts & #PromotionalGifts are an immaculate way to deal with attract everyone of your #Business associate. These items include some style, extravagance look and fun in your hotel or work place.


#Steigens gives a trendy leather USB with brilliant work on leather for #CorporateGifts and #PromotionalGifts

#STEIGENS give luxury Watches in #Dubai to #CorporateGifts and #PromotionalGifts. A stunning #HugoBoss #Watch will give you a perfect look to others for various occasions

#STEIGENS offer compact #Laptop sacks with intense, less weight and gigantic space for your portable laptop including USB connections, mouse and console. Now a days every one using Laptops, thusly #Promotional #Laptop Bags have perfect spot in the #Corporate occasions. We also change your Laptop bags for any #CorporateGift and #PromotionalGifts with custom #Business logo

Desktop #PromotionalGifts and #CorporateGifts is an unprecedented way to deal with show precisely the amount you excellence your #business associates and employees. You can find different desktop set #gifts on our #STEIGENS, which will be perfectly fit for the most of your work place and which can even be modified with your company logo

#STEIGENS showing an excellent extent of new generally styled leather line, stirred by Cross #Leather. This eminent brand with an overall affirmation gives diverse leather products, for example, leather belts, folders, briefcase and leather wallet with pen. Our expert designer do re-attempt this leather product for #CorporateGifts and #PromotionalGifts with custom #business #logo and setup to distinctive

STEIGENS supplies broad assortment of Leather Corporate and Promotional Gifts product throughout Dubai. We have Corporate Hotel items such as leather menu folder, leather tissue box…etc to pull in your customers in hotel. These leather hotel items are made up of amazing leather material with flawless look and framework with appealing shades. These Leather Corporate Gifts are customize able with your branded company logo and outline for Promotional Gifts and Business Gifts.

Browse an assortment of great Leather card coordinators, belt, car document covers and travel bags in Dubai for Year End Gifts and Promotional Gifts from STEIGENS. We create these things with our refined organizer, high quality leather and strong for long usage. We also additionally customize these Leather products for Corporate and Business Gifts with custom logo appearance and outline to attract your clients.