SOPHIA COLLIER River Under Me (2012) Carved Acrylic, 24" x 16" x 2" Working in her studio in Sausalito, Collier carves water surfaces from acrylic block using a process combining imagination, software and machine tools to capture wind crossing water and the light that results.

Sophia Collier, River Under Me, 2012 (Carved Acrylic). Very modern glass sculpture, with water reflection.

Temporary Arrangement. Art by by michelle moode. Mulberry paper with watercolor, tea, beeswax and intricate hand-stitching and french knots. Circles are attached to one another with tiny black safety pins.

Michelle Moode Shop: paper,beeswax, watercolor,thread,tea and love

Anatomic Particulars by David Adey Translucent urethane plastic, pigment, glitter Dimensions: 1 x 1 inch (each cube) 5 x 5 inches (each cluster)

Grid/Matrix Block like structs similar to the color of skin and flesh. The blockiness adds the visual connection to flesh. Anatomic Particulars by David Adey.

mixed media, photography, textiles, stitch, found paper, distressed

Inspiring me to collage images like this using various materials like magazines, articles, text and images

Noella Mills ... Waxed book 100 x 100mm, recycled kimono silks, waxed and stitched,

Waxed book 100 x recycled kimono silks, waxed and stitched by Noela Mills - wabisabiart: ARTIST BOOKS

Anna van Bohemen - Google Search

Memoires 2015 by Anna van Bohemen. try ceramic focals w/ a date & a word on each! If I was at the beach, add small shell indent, if music showcase, a small G cleff or music note, etc.


two extremely rare needlework instruction books with samples from the female model school, Kildare Place, Dublin Ireland

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