Faith is Torment | Art and Design Blog: Transparent Collage on Glass by Tang Kwok-hin

Transparent Collage on Glass by Tang Kwok-hin. Transparent images on glass creating this town is very creative


Irene MacWilliam - You Can't Put Hole Where A Hole Don't Belong - United Kingdom Blissfully Imperfect: World Quilt Show Florida - Drawn to Details

Wow, love the layers of this.

Leisa Rich Swap Meet detail 4 - interaction art - viewer can remove and change up any panel of choice, thereby morphing the piece into multiple configurations - interesting concept

transparent textures - love it!

Leisa Rich is a sculptor and artist who employs fiber, surface design, hand and machine stitching, human detritus and a variety of other unu.


Jiyoung Chung / paper - Korean traditional way of making textured and painterly imagery handmade paper just by using water.

stitch therapy

stitch therapy: did you know being a neurotic woman is a full time profession?

print galaxy leaf on to a map background and then use solder iron to burn holes//?

Karen Margolis - Little Rock from the 'Maps' Series - [ detail ] -