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three pictures showing how to draw an intricate pattern with markers and pencils on paper
art drawings beautiful
a drawing of a roll of paper on top of a piece of quilting material
day 37
day 37 | tangle patterns: zenplosion, tortuca, & warmth | Lori Byerly | Flickr
a black and white drawing of a mountain with swirls in the middle on paper
Exercise in Tedium!!
A relaxing way and easy way to draw pretty pictures like this
an artistic drawing with flowers and swirls
Alexandra Funda
an open spiral notebook with black and white doodles on the cover, showing a hole in the middle
3d Detail Art
someone is holding up a colorful notebook in their hand
Mandala zipper
Zentangle art drawing with a zipper #mandala #zentangleart #zipper
four different types of pencils are shown in this drawing lesson, which shows how to draw
Tangle of the Weak - Bannah
BEEZ in the Belfry: Tangle of the Weak - Bannah
four black and white images of letters with designs on the letter b, c, d
Reyn's Nest
Making Zentangle Letters | ... zentangles well i have been practicing by creating the letters of the
two pictures with different lines and shapes on them, one is drawn in black and the other has red thread
Tangle Heart
Zentangle: Tangle Heart click thru to see more More
an ink drawing of trees and swirls in black and white, with the background drawn by
ZIA Ideas: Coniferous trees
Enthusiastic Artist: ZIA Ideas: Coniferous trees
a piece of paper with different shapes and lines drawn on it, along with an arrow pointing to each other
Baecube Tangle Pattern by Barbara Steyer
Baecube Tangle Pattern by Barbara Steyer – TangleSXM
four different types of woven material
Wisket-Tangle Pattern
wisket -- found under "Zentangles" board (tons of cool patterned drawings, great for art projects) -- I think this could be easily converted into a quilt pattern