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5:2 Diet Recipes: Chicken and Leek Casserole

5:2 Diet Recipes: Chicken and Leek Casserole/Soup Meal - 179 calories per serving - warming, hearty winter food for a 5:2 fast day

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Poached Egg with Spinach, Portabello Mushroom and Vine Tomatoes. Egg protein keeps you fuller than wheat protein, and spinach is packed with iron, vitamins and minerals! (Only 124 kcals) Fast Diet Recipe Book

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Cheesy Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna Rolls

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Low Calorie Red Pepper & Rocket (Arugula) Pizza

Tinned Tomatoes: 5:2 Diet - Pepper and Rocket (Arugula) Pizza = 269 calories

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Herby Frittata with Vegetables and Goat Cheese

Garlic and herb roast tomatoes - 178 calories. Delicious dinner for 5 and 2 Diet fast days.