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Julian Casablancas + The Voidz (photo by Abby Ross) YOUNG DAD (Amir Yaghmai on the left)

This is an image of a magazine cover by the very popular rock magazine company NME. I got inspiration from NME as I like the way they layout of their content

Music Makers. Rolling Stone (Italy).

“coverjunkie: Rolling Stone (Italy) David Bowie stars this inside cover Italian Rolling Stone ”RockRoll Style” Editor-in-chief: Michele Lupi Art Director: Davies Costacurta, SM Associati.

Stormzy performing on stage. UK Rap & Grime Music

This sort of image may suit my magazine and I like the colour scheme, fading from red to black.

Skepta by Vicky Grout

This is another post I'd like my model earl to recreate. the facial expression in this photo gives of a sarcastic/ serious feel and I like id like my magazine to be funny while also informative.

The red stands out on the black and white cover. Plain coloured background with few colours that stand out

Rolling Stone sucks, has always sucked, and still sucks just because they have a hip band on their cover. We're not as cool and hip as everyone thinks. Having us on the cover isn't going to make Rolling Stone any cooler.