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a woman is doing yoga on the floor with her feet up and arms in the air
Mandy Froehlich, M.S., 500-RYT | Grab a block/pillow/small Pilates ball and try this one. The move that gives back in so many ways. | Instagram
Perfect Morning Stretch For body Pain and Stiffness!
Save this and implement daily! Try to do each move for 10-15 reps or set a timer and do each stretch for 30-40 seconds! 1. Neck rotations 2. Body rocks 3. Cat/Cow 4. Treats the needle (both sides) 5. Hip rocks (alternate) 6. Straddle with forward bend 7. Knee twists (each side) 8. Shoulder dislocates 9. Deep squat Perfect morning or bedtime routine! Your body will thank you. Remember moving your body is key to reduce stiffness and pain throughout the body. CC: zallibhai #dailystretch #movedaily #morningstretch #feelyourbest #stretch #stretching #movement #yoga #wellness #health #selfcare #selflove
a woman laying on the ground with her back turned to the camera and texting that reads,'if you spend long periods
Decompress your lower back & relax with this restorative pose | Ejercicios de fitness, Clase de yoga, Ejercicios
Hip Opening Stretches, Hip Opener, Bed Yoga, Hip Stretches, Fitness Apps, Yoga Iyengar, Trening Abs
9 Amazing Hip-Opening Stretches You Can Do Right in Bed
a woman doing yoga poses with her hands in the air
Episode #1 | Dans la tête d'un Yogi : Le végétarisme avec Elise (Partie 1)
a woman doing an exercise on a mat with the caption what happens when you do the frog pose regularly
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Untitled — The 3 Ingredients Colon Cleanse This Will Flush 30...