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Lucy Siegle marches with Emma Thompsonm at the 2014 People's Climate march.

Lucy Siegle drops into some famous environmental photo opportunities to model the latest in ethically sourced clothing

Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere to look up the true meaning of the the lingo and (sometimes) obscure terminology that is used by fashion editors, designers and bloggers when describing eco fashion. A single go-to source when you’re stumped, and at a loss to the true meaning of all this sustainable, ethical and transeasonal fashion stuff. Well, COSSAC to the rescue! We have collated a mini dictionary of the most commonly used terms in our industry. The majority of these terms…

COSSAC fashion gives you a bitesize breakdown of eco fashion terms to help you define ethical from sustainable and organic from low-impact.

Fast Fashion

The Closeteur Issue One — Fashion Waste-Fast Fashion. What do you really know about fast fashion? Read and find out how what you buy really does affect the environment.

Words! #ecoissexy #slowfashionblogger #fastfashion #slowfashion #oscarwilde #greencoture #ethical #environment #sustainable #ecochic

Words! #ecoissexy #slowfashionblogger #fastfashion #slowfashion #oscarwilde #greencoture #ethical #environment #sustainable #ecochic #truecostmovie #sustainability #fastfashion

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Every morning workers have to remove the stones used to stone-wash the denim from chemically polluted water. The bleach and dyes are bad for the environment and affect the workers' health. Many of the workers find that they have rashes and their fingers turn blue from the dye.

Every morning, workers at a denim washing factory must search through wastewater to scoop out stones that are washed with the fabric in industrial washing machines to make stonewash denim.