This is a really neat vector illustration which is probably for a book or something else. Or maybe a cover for some indie game. What ever it's for, the colors are really nice and so is the typography. The whole piece has a really great motion and feel to

Prints - Olly Moss

dont worry everything is going to be amazing - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images

Aker Brygge Display — A-Ö. Design by Sans Colour.

Aker Brygge Display is a besoke typeface made for the Aker Brygge Identity. Designed in collaboration with type designer Stefan Ellmer under creative direction by me and Dag Laska.

this isn't happiness™

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Bethany Lekos has created a very cute typeface, named ‘Helveticat,’ that forms the letters of the alphabet with a cat’s tail. It features an adorable pointy-eared, whiskered feline that has an incredibly flexible tail.

Space Font - Natalie Nicklin's Portfolio

by Natalie Nicklin.


The 11 types of trendy graphic design Paul Rand Hated Memphis-inspired numbers by Muokkaa Studio for Spanish magazine Yorokobu c/o It’s Nice That