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The Fraction Pizza is an awesome way to differentiate when teaching fractions. Understand a fraction a/b with as a sum of fractions . Understand addition and subtraction of fractions as joining and separating parts referring to the same whole.

Avah Ham

This could be a fun board to display student work during a fraction unit. Students get to create an ice cream sundae and then must describe it using fractions.

Maths explanation map - good for reasoning and Communication?

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Fraction Wall! Great visual! I wonder if I can incorporate decimals and percentages for my 4th grade...

Maths Help: Equivalent Fractions. Fractions the same as each other, Numerator, Denominator, half ,quarter, third, tenth

Fractions: having a fraction wall available for the students to have as a visual in understanding how large and small certain fractions are which will coincide when comparing fractions to greater, equal, and less than

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Students create their own pizza with toppings then write fractions for each section. Then ask them to add different "toppings" together out of the whole pizza to work with fractions

This lesson plan includes a printable world map with a map grid and shows you how to walk kids through a basic understanding of how map grids work.

Mapping activity - teaching about coordinates, longitude, latitude, etc.- They use ribbon for the equator and prime meridian - not a bad crafts project of the year to assess my students' experience with such projects.

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