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Moonscape- bag of split peas & a bag of beans, sprayed silver. Moon buggy - dumper truck covered in tin foil. Astronauts - printed out photos stuck on toilet rolls. Rocket - plastic cup with craft foam top & wings, duct tape windows. Playdough moon martians with, googly eyes & pipe-cleaners arms. Magnetic letters.. from Taming the Goblin (",)


Taming the Goblin: Kids Co-op link up (#7 for me)

Moon Play! Just add flour, baby oil and glitter! We did this 2 weeks in a row and the kids loved it! Just add baby oil to flour (a 1 to 8 ratio), glitter and small world space figures! The kids were able to mould the moon dust, using their hands and containers- it’s a great way to explore and talk about the universe. One little girl made a ball with her hands and said “This is the world” Then pointing at two different locations, she said “There’s Australia and there’s Minorca!” AMAZING!


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Paper Plate Flying Saucer Craft + 15 Books About Space

Clearly I am TERRIBLY bias, but I do love the crafts that Pip Squeak brings home from nursery. Recently, they made these adorable Paper Plate Flying saucers – such a wonderfully “classic” craft for kids and the kids adored making them as part of the “space lesson plans”. I love how they made it easy …


Paper Plate Flying Saucer Craft + 15 Books About Space - Red Ted Art's Blog

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