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Silver God Photo Frames for Home
Make your home graceful with the magnificent god photo frames. #photoframes #homedecor #silveraccessories #homedecoritems
silver plates Silver Plate For Pooja, Silver Puja Items, Puja Items, Pooja Items, Indian Accessories, Pooja Mandir, Accessories For Home, Silver Pooja Items, Antique Silver Jewelry
Silver Pooja Accessories for Home
Antique silver plate and traditional Indian lotas. These accessories can be used for pujas as well as for kitchen usage. #silverplate #silverarticles #silveraccessories #indianaccessories #indianarticles
silver pooja items Closer To God, Our Home, Pure Silver
Silver Pooja Items for Home
The antique silver pooja set is a must-have accessory to have in every Hindu household. It keeps us closer to God and our home blessed. #silverarticles #silveraccessories #silverpoojaitems #homedecor
silver dinner set Silver Dinner Set, Fancy Accessories, Silver Jewelry Accessories, Buy Gold And Silver, Dinner Set, Gold Accessories, Dinner Sets, Accessories For Men
Silver Dinner Set for Home
The silver dinner set is here to enhance the beauty of your home, and at the same time, delight your guests with the preciousness of your hospitality. #silveraccessories #silverarticles #homedecor #home #kitchenaccessories
an ornate gold box sitting on top of a red carpeted floor with the words shankeshwat silver written below it
Gold Polished Silver Kumkum Dibbi
A gift for the special one to begin their life after the wedding. This gold polished silver kumkum dibbi is an ideal accessory to have your home. #SilverAccessories #Kumkum #WeddingAccessories #BridalAccessories #GiftingIdeas
silver deepam Silver Deepam Lamps, Silver Deepam Design, Kamakshi Deepam, Silver Deepam, Antique Silver Anklet, Silver Lamps, Diya Designs, Silver Things
Silver Deepam for Home Temple
Light up your homes with the sparkling silver deepam. A perfect item for your home temple while performing daily pujas. #Deepam #SilverDiya #HomeTemple #PoojaItems #SilverAccessories #SilverArticles
gold abhishek patra God Idols, Home Temple, Jewelry Words
Traditional Abhishek Patra Silver
Abhishek Patra is a must-have in any home temple and this pure silver accessory can be used to purity any religious item at home, like our precious god idols. #PoojaArticles #IndianAccessories #Pooja #IndianCulture #HinduTemple #HomeAccessories
A married woman always has this unique accessory in her possession. This antique and traditional silver Kumkum dabbi is carved with care and polished with gold to give it a masterpiece look. #PoojaItems #KumkumDabbi #AntiqueJewellery #BridalJewellery #WeddingAccessories #SilverJewellery #GoldPlatedJewellery #GoldJewellery Married Woman, Oxidized Silver, Antique Jewellery
Gold Plated Silver Kumkum Dabbi
A married woman always has this unique accessory in her possession. This antique and traditional silver Kumkum dabbi is carved with care and polished with gold to give it a masterpiece look. #PoojaItems #KumkumDabbi #AntiqueJewellery #BridalJewellery #WeddingAccessories #SilverJewellery #GoldPlatedJewellery #GoldJewellery
an ornate silver plate with two candles on it
Silver Peacock Deepam | Silver Antique Diya
An Indian home is incomplete without a spiritual place where we could receive blessings from our lord. Keeping the place with this beautifully designed traditional silver diva is a must-have. The peacock carving at the top further enhances the religious significance for us at home. #SilverDiya #Deepam #SilverArticles #SilverAccessories #TempleJewellery
gold plated antique silver kumkum dabbi Silver Items
Gold Plated Antique Silver Kumkum Dabbi
One of the precious items which any married woman should possess is the Kumkum dabbi. This antique and traditionally carved such silver gold-plated dabbi is a masterpiece of art with such intricacy and symbolism. The embellishment of gemstones further enhances the elegance and beauty of this antique. #PoojaItems #KumkumDabbi #AntiqueJewellery #BridalJewellery #WeddingAccessories
silver antique lamp Elegant Lamp, Lamp Silver, Indian Homes
Silver Ox Lamp | Silver Diya for Pooja
Keeping your spiritual side close to your home is a very important aspect in most Indian homes. That's why this elegant lamp Ox Lamp is crafted with the utmost care and intricate details. Make your house a charming and spiritual place for calm and peace of mind😌 #PoojaLamp #SilverDiya #Deepam #Diya #PoojaItems
antique gold plated silver kumkum dabbi Temple Room, Gold Plated Silver, Long Life
Antique Gold Plated Silver Kumkum Dabbi | Silver Kumkum Dabbi
Kumkum is a very precious item in Hindu marriages; a symbol of women being married and a wish of long life for her husband. That's very keeping it safe in precious and antique silver kumkum Dabbi embellished with emerald and rubies. #AntiqueKumkumDabbi #SilverKumkumDabbi