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History: This picture represents all the kites in the sky on their independence day which is called Republic Day. Many people in India have so many different festivals. Kids fly kites of their Indian flag to represent their country. They do a lot of festivals. Republic day is January 26th. They celebrate this holiday every year. Many people People in India have been celebrating this holiday since 1950. They celebrate this holiday because it represents their freedom from Britain.

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Geography: India is a country made up of 29 states. India is 1,269,219 miles long. This picture is a picture of the Himalaya mountains. The himalaya's start in the Northern part of India, and go through the southern part of India. The himalayas are the biggest mountains. India only has 3 different kinds of climate. March-May is mostly hot. June-October is mostly rainy, and November-February is kind of cold.

Government: This picture is a picture of no drugs allowed. In india drugs are illegal. In India they don’t have many laws. But the ones that they do have, if you get caught by not following one of the laws, there are huge consequences. Some of the laws are you have to be at least 18 to drink or buy alcohol, but you don’t have to use an ID to buy it. In India it is very illegal to have drugs. If someone catches you with drugs, it’s at least 10 years in jail.

Religion: This picture shows all the people in india that celebrate Holi, they are throwing paint at each other. In india they have a lot of religious holidays. One of the holidays is called Pongal. Pongal takes place in Southern India and it’s supposed to give thanks for the year of harvesting. Another religious holiday that Hindu people celebrate is called Holi. Holi means colors. Holi always happens at the end of a cold season.People throw paint and colored powder at each other.

Religion: This picture is a picture of a buddha. Buddhas represent peace. A saying in India if you are Hindu is, “if you succeed in life”, your karma will be very good. Most people that live in india are mostly the same religion. 81% of people are Hindu. Hinduism is known as not a religion but a way of life. 13% are Muslims and 3% are christian.

History: This is a picture of a new state that was created in June 2014. It’s called Telangana. It was the 29th state to be added to India. The capital of Telangana is Hyderabad. Telangana is located in South India.

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Government: Above is the picture of what India looks like. India is a pretty big country. The kind of government that India is, is Federal Republic. Federal republic means a federation of states with a democratic form of government. India is split into 7 different types of union territories, and 29 states.

Daily Life: India is famous for many sports. This picture is a picture of people playing cricket, and cricket is the most popular sport in India. Another very famous sport in India is soccer. India is known for soccer. Another one is Field hockey. There are a lot of other famous sports in India that people play.

Arts: This picture is a picture of an Indian dancer. The type of dance that she is performing is called Bharatanatyam. This style of dance is performed all over southern India. India is so big in dancing and performing. There is a huge city just like how we have Hollywood in America, they have a city called Bollywood where all the celebrities and producers live. Many movies that are in India, get produced in Bollywood.