Embroidered Landscapes and Plants by Ana Teresa Barboza

Embroidered Landscapes by Ana Teresa Barboza Using embroidery, yarn, and and wool artist Ana Teresa Barboza creates landscapes and other imagery that exists in the space between tapestry and.

I say DIY things, but I don't think I could do this. It is a quilt! Done by Mary Bryning.

Embroidered map - The Oxton Art Fair 2012 - The annual Oxton Art Fair is a wonderful showcase of art, craft and design from local artists within four of galleries of the Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead.

hinke schreuders - views on paper #2 · 2014 · embroidery on paper on linen · 25,5 × 17,5 × 5,5 cm

colours and technique Hella van 't Hof + hinke schreuders Flore Gardner, Rain + gentlework Lindisfarne Sunset by Laura Edgar sue stone .

Finished piece of embroidery...'somewhere, beyond the sea' by Rachel Wright.

Finished piece of embroidery.'somewhere, beyond the sea' by Rachel Wright. - Tap the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach jewelry!

Textile Art Quilt, "Early Riser" by Rebekah Dundon:  thread painting, tulle, upcycled fabrics

Textile Art Quilt, "Early Riser" by Rebekah Dundon: thread painting, tulle, upcycled fabrics

Sunset. See http://www.alisonholt.com/techindex.php for technical details on how she thread paints over painted silk background.

Sunset by Alison Holt - silk painting and free motion machine embroidered landscape art picture.

More ideas

The Elements : Quilt Mosaic Water by Terry Grant--I like the sky quilting

Elena Stokes: It Suddenly Dawned

Mosaic Sunset - It Suddenly Dawned This is not actually mosaic glass but on a fiber art page. But it would be a great mosaic or stained glass idea/inspiration.

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Journal Quilt by Judith G.Glover Art Quilts at the Quilt Festival, Rosemont, Illinois - April 2008 - Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

September Journal, Ineke Berlyn - Little Gem Quilts...I love the soft colors of this


Falklands l by Jennie Wood Sea by Sally Skaife September Journal by Sheila Dunscombe Sunset by Sheena Quayle September Jurnal by Marie Roper September Journal by Linda Forey September J…