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We have all the top healthcare providers of India empanelled with us. We are providing the ease of searching all the top healthcare facilities across the nation and avail the additional privilege to our Jiyo Members.
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“I am coming to India for Kidney Transplant “

After getting the recommendation for the kidney transplant from their nephrologists, many patients start researching for the best hospitals available for the aforesaid treatment. Since maximum inte…

Sore Throat: Remedy is in your kitchen

” Which City to Go In India for Kidney Transplant “

” Which City to Go In India for Kidney Transplant “


What are ovarian cysts? Cysts are fluid filled sacs that develop on one or both the ovaries. In most of the cases, the cysts are painless in the initial level and may disappear after sometimes but …

How important is second opinion if you have Kidney Failure

Smith, a 40 year old businessman from Nigeria was facing some problems on urination from past few days. He went to see his local doctor and discovered he had renal complications and he was advised …

Dialysis Vs Kidney Transplant What Good for Me

When it comes to make a tougher decision related to your life, one is always…

Affordable Knee Replacement Surgery in India

The most important activity for a human being after eating is “Walking”. Yes it…

Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals in India

Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals in India – Jiyo India