Instagram; Ikea frames. GREAT IDEA! Love the smaller frames within a big frame because INSTAGRAM photos are smaller file size (resolution), and get very pixilated when blown up much larger than they are meant to appear on your screen. Pixilation in printed photos is a huge pet peeve of mine.. I cant stand it!

There is something very wholesome about natural greenery in our home, especially during the Christmas holidays. What could be better than the aroma of pine boughs, the rich smell of cinnamon sticks or the fresh fragrance of fruit integrated into a table setting. Decorating with nature’s ingredients can be quite …</p>

Why wouldn’t you want to tackle the washing up in this beautiful Carisbrooke Taupe Framed kitchen? Just flip the tap and bring on the bubbles as you take in its sophisticated blend of natural wood, warm grey tones and detailed cabinetry.

brass hardware on black doors via architect design™ - I like the crystal on the black doors. When I had crystal doorknobs, I never considered painting the doors anything but white. Now I have no crystal doorknobs.

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