Palak paratha / Spinach Flat bread

Palak paratha is a nutritious Indian flat bread.It goes very well with raithas , plain yogurt or pickles. Ingredients Whole Whea.

Authentic south indian fish fry

Authentic south indian fish fry

Sago Wheat Crepes / Sago Wheat Dosa / Godhuma Rava dosa Recipe

Another delicious mouthwatering culinary delight straight from my kitchen.This is an instant dosa recipe which , am sure , would become one.

Rava Dhokla / Sooji Dhokla

Ingredients : For Batter Mixture : Rava - 1 cup Curd - 1 cup Turmeric Powder - 1 tsp Green chilli paste - tsp ( optiona.

Aloo Parathas / Potato FlatBread

Parathas are Indian flat bread made with whole wheat f lour. A paratha (especially a stuffed one) can be eaten simply with a knob of butte.

Kovakkai / Kundru / Ivy Gourd Stir Fry

Ivy gourds are also known as Baby Water melons . They are known as Kundru (uttar Pradesh) , kovaikkai (tamilnadu), kovakkai (malayalam) ,.

Wheat Idlis / Broken Wheat Idlis / Cracked Wheat Idlis

Soft and Fluffy Wheat Idlis / Broken Wheat Idlis / Cracked Wheat Idlis

IDLI / DOSA Batter

Ingredients : Idli Rice – 4 cup / 4 part (i would suggest VELLAKAR par boiled Rice) Whole Urad Dal without Skin / Ulundam .

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