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an image of captain spock saying that he is going to work on the internet
absolutely Love, Fashion, Sissy Boy, Sissy, Tgirls, Ladyboy, Xdress, Girl, A Girl Like Me
Desiree The Hot To Trot Transvestite : Photo
an iphone screen with the text'no one texts you out looking '
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
an image of a man holding something in his hand with the caption saying hey, in case i haven't told you enough late
Hey, in case I haven't told you enough lately... I still love the freaking shit out of you
@Daisy Stickel Stickel Knox
two children hugging each other with the caption if your father makes her then you will be just like person
Southern Cinderella
an ambulance with the words never do anything you're too embarrassed to tell the paramedics
I feel like this is a good motto to live by ...
a man with a beard is looking up at the sky and says, honesty i'm probably single because i never forward those chain messages in 2009
I'd like to believe it was this and nothing more - Meme
This has got to be the reason...dang it.