Meeting room - usually reserved for Primogen council and other larger gatherings when held at the club. There is a curtain along the lining of the door that must also be passed through, to prevent any sneaky obfuscations. Non-recording video is taken in all rooms and observed live by one of the sister's ghouls for security when anyone is at the club.

Beautiful and Stylish Offices

Hoyne Office, Victoria designed by Elenberg Fraser Architects dark rich meeting room

This Dining-come-Pool table - Don’t have enough space for a pool room? Not a problem, use your dining room!

The Fusion Table is every guy´s dream, a dining/pool table your wife/girlfriend could live with! The unique product is a dining table and pool table all in one, simply remove the multi-piece dining top to unveil a beautiful pool table with a contempo

The shareholders room

A very posh meeting room that could be used a blueprint for a more of a boardroom design. The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong - Emerald meeting room

All we can say is WOW. What a luxurious business office! It's perfect for meetings, too. #luxury #businessoffice

Vision Automation - Service Provider of Lighting Control Solutions, Audio Integrations, Video Integrations and Boardroom Integration from New Delhi


Vivaldi Tower interior by Merkx + Girod

Description This fabulous tub-back office chair is available with an aluminum or leather clad base. Adds elegance to any boardroom or home office environment. (This would be lovely with my desk in my home office.)

Oh if I could change every ubiquitous home office chair out for this fabulous but functional Christopher Guy tufted upholstered office chair.

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