10 Most Shocking Sexual Assault Awareness Campaigns

10 Most Shocking Sexual Assault Awareness Campaigns

Rapists are the cause of rape. What a woman wears, says, drinks or does is not a factor. The common factor in all cases of rape is the presence of a rapist. Feminism Stop Rape

These Embroideries Of Boobs, Butts, Nipple Hairs And Stretch Marks Are Just…

These Embroideries Of Boobs, Butts, Nipple Hairs And Stretch Marks Are Just Perfect (NSFW)

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© Rebecca Harris, 2013, photo printed onto calico and manipulated with stitching…

Rebecca Harris, photo printed onto calico & manipulated with stitching - work in progress for obesity project,

Custom Hand Embroidered Queer Feminist Doula Midwife Vagina Art - Vulva Lovely…

“To understand the vagina properly is to realize that it is not only coextensive with the female brain, but is also, essentially, part of the female soul.” Handcrafted vagina embroidery by artist Kira Scarlet

Kitchen Art - Slow Dancing Utensils - Spoon Fork - Kitchen Art Print - Wood…

Slow Dancing Utensils Spoon and Fork - Wood Block Print by Kevin Lucius

Community Post: 30 Contemporary Painters You Should Know

30 Contemporary Painters You Should Know

Jenny Saville / Glen Luchford: Closed Contact, Limited Edition (with Type-C Print Version "D")

Annegret Soltau // Fragmented self + thread

the way this one is edited is very well done due to the different areas the facial features are in

ballerina mushroom

this is a mushroom mixed with a ballerina and the mushroom is made to look like it is the ballerinas tutu. everything in the image is black and white apart from the mushroom. the ballerina is out of proportion with the mushroom and the rest of the ground.

When you look at the work of  louise bourgeois you realise just how minor is…

Louise Bourgeois Fragile Goddess 2002 Fabric Courtesy Cheim & Read, Galerie Karsten Greve and Galerie Hauser & Wirth © Louise Bourgeois Photo: Christopher Burke

it's just that simple...it's so creepy how many people our concerned with my…

Seems there were some rather judgemental women on my foundations post yesterday. I've been wearing corsets on and off since I was Most…

Jenny Saville, Hybrid, 1997, Oil on canvas, 9’x7’

Jenny Saville, Hybrid, Oil on canvas, -- -- write about particular piece, layering pieces and patching materials together.

Jenny Holzer - Venice

From Sotheby's, Jenny Holzer, The hand desired… Pigment print, × cm