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three pictures of a woman sitting on top of a bed in the middle of four different rooms
Small house folding interior - Furniture, Small Spaces
Japanese designers Atelier OPA created a unique set of products, which are perfect for small spaces. This foldaway set of furniture includes a mobile home office, a small kitchen and a guest room. When not in use, fold your furniture away and pack them in their case; an ideal small space storage solution. What I …
the beauty and the beast tea set has been made to look like an elephant's head
Disney Beauty and The Beast Tea Pot & Cup Tea set Mrs. Pot and Chip | eBay
Disney Beauty and The Beast Tea Pot & Cup Tea set Mrs. Pot and Chip
an octopus chandelier hanging from the ceiling with five bulbs on each light fixture
24 Octopus-Inspired Design Ideas
The octopus, with its eight writhing tentacles and otherworldly appearance, has fascinated and inspired mankind since we first explored the oceans. While we may no longer write myths and legends about tentacled sea beasts, these modern octopus-inspired household designs are enough to inspire a dread of the deep.
a glass jar filled with moss and a house in it
Movie Miniatures: Scale Model Beetlejuice Terrarium - Etsy
Beetlejuice terrarium <3
two women standing in front of a window talking to each other
PurseBlog - Designer Handbag News and Reviews
Mad Men: Am I the only one who can drink and work at the same time?
a brown chicken standing on top of a lush green grass covered field with the words frizzled chickens
Frizzle Feathered Chickens, Divas of the Chicken World
This is Rachel. If you haven't already made her acquaintance, she's something of a hen starlet on my Facebook page where she is featured daily in all her fluffy cuteness. Rachel is a Bantam Cochin Frizzle. Cochin is her breed, bantam describes her miniature size and frizzle describes her unusual feathers.