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A blog dedicated to all things said and done by Jeremy "Jez" Usbourne of Peep Show and obviously anything else Peep Show related. (And probably Mitchell/Webb related postings at times) Please let it...

The 13 Best Moments In Peep Show

A ' Where Are They Now' style reunion show sounds like the perfect opportunity for comedy, so let's hope Channel 4 still have faith in Peep Show even after season 9 airs! Description from I searched for this on

34 "Peep Show" Quotes That Sum Up Your Weird, Awkward, Boring Life

Everyone is either a Mark or a Jez. You <i>really</i> know you're in trouble when you're both.

41 "Peep Show" Quotes To Live By

Great show! | 41 "Peep Show" Quotes To Get Your Week Started Right