Vanessa Bell's Charleston House

Charleston, as in Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, ie. the Bloomsbury Group.

VANESSA BELL  Charleston Drawing Room (1945)

I can't find an exact source for this Duncan Grant painting but the chair is a 'Famulus' chair made by P E Gane Ltd of Bristol c. It is still in the house at Charleston. From Bettina's Impressions: Vanessa Bell

in the studio of Duncan grant. Charleston

Fascinated by the Bloomsbury aesthetic. In the studio of Duncan Grant…

Charleston,Vanessa Bell's home

Charleston House in Bloomsbury; home of Vanessa Bell, Clive bell and Duncan Grant

Vanessa Bell's bathroom

borjen: Charleston Farmhouse, Vanessa Bell’s & Duncan Grant’s house, decorated by the two artists More on Charleston House


A Room with a View - James Ivory - 1985 - with Maggie Smith, Helena Bonham Carter, Julian Sands and Judi Dench