Fly Swatter & Sieve Firework Painting - from Mama's Little Muse (",)

Mama's Little Muse: Fireworks painting- they used a flyswatter with a silk flower attached, and they tapped/ stippled paint through a mini strainer.

Smiles and Trials: We painted our Tuff spot!

Today, we painted our Tuff spot, with a little help from our trusty train friends. We chose five colours and five trains;

Rolling paint-covered conkers to create fireworks (",)

Celebrating Bonfire Night - making firework pictures using conkers!

10 Kid Friendly 4th of July DIY Crafts |The Importance of Being Reese

10 Kid Friendly 4th of July DIY Crafts

Bonfire Night is the first night back after half term. They are usually full of energy. These biscuits look fun but won't require too much concentration. Today guy Fawkes nearly blew up parliament