Collection by Jodie P

Jodie P
The purple one please Towels, each.

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Towels, £12.99 each.

For apple juice and water only of course Wine glasses and tumblers.

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Wine glasses and tumblers.

ha ha I know someone who filled these with coins, then went running with them in a back pack- it did not end well Clear jars, each. I wish they sold these jars here in the States.

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Clear jars, £5.99 each.

so shiny . how long will they stay like that? Set of pans.

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Set of pans.

domestic heaven, but I really think I need a fridge of my own Tea towels, cutlery, mugs, bowls and plates.

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Tea towels, cutlery, mugs, bowls and plates.

Pillows, and bedding.

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Pillows, £19.99, and bedding.