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I know that she is practically not a celeb. but for me she is... I started watching her at the beginning of this year and I can say that I got all my inspiration for make-up and style from her and Im glad. So thank you so much Zoe for showing me the other side of beauty! #Zoella or just #ZoeSugg

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Hey, this blog is dedicated to some amazing youtubers. I watch their videos everyday and i love them so much. If you know other amazing youtubers feel free to tell me because i'm always looking for new videos to watch and other people to meet.

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Just a few of the ways I madly desire my to look. Aka ways my hair will never look.

Zoella. — aggsart: Zoella’s hair

Zoella is a perfect human being because she thinks shes so regular but she's actually amazing xoxox

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New collage I have made, Zoella at Superdrug She has met 250 Fans as she launched the Tutti Frutti range!

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Jodie Weir

About to go out on a daily shop are we nd it looks like you are having a great time :D

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from BuzzFeed

How YouTube Star Zoella Became One Of The Most Influential People In Britain

Goddess of the Sea

My favourite picture of Zoella I watch her everyday I watch her videos all the time it's the best thing and she makes me happy if I'm a bit down she helps everyone love u Zoella also love your brother joe I watch him and others x

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